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China's Service Imports Fell by 4%|1-7月中国服务进口下降4%

admin 2021-10-13 19:04:42

    From January to July this year, China's trade in services maintained a good growth momentum. Total imports and exports of services amounted to 2,809.36 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), up 7.3% year on year; Of this amount, service exports reached 1,337.31 billion yuan, up 23.2%; Imports totaled 1.47206 trillion yuan, down 4%. The growth rate of service exports was 27.2 percentage points higher than that of imports, driving the service trade deficit down 70 percent to 134.75 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 314.02 billion yuan. Compared with the same period in 2019, imports and exports of services decreased by 9%, with a two-year average decline of 4.6%. Exports grew by 21.5%, with a two-year average growth of 10.2%. Imports fell 25.9 percent, with a two-year average decline of 13.9 percent. The main features are as follows:    Imports and exports of services grew steadily in July. In July, imports and exports of services totaled 431.92 billion yuan, up 10.1% year on year and down 1.7% month on month. Among them, the export reached 208.82 billion yuan, up 21.1% year on year and down 3.6% month on month. The export of transport services increased by 107.5%. Imports reached 223.11 billion yuan, up 1.6% year-on-year and 0.2% month-on-month.    The proportion of trade in knowledge-intensive services increased. From January to July, the import and export of knowledge-intensive services reached 128.82 billion yuan, up 11.8%, accounting for 45.8% of the total import and export of services, up 1.8 percentage points. Of this, knowledge-intensive service exports reached 704.47 billion yuan, up 15.4%, accounting for 52.7% of the total. Personal culture and entertainment services, intellectual property rights and telecommunication computer and information services increased 28.3 percent, 23.9 percent and 20.8 percent, respectively. Knowledge-intensive service imports totaled 582.35 billion yuan, up 7.6%, accounting for 39.6% of total service imports; The fastest growth in imports was in financial services, up 18.9 percent, and intellectual property royalties, up 14.3 percent.    Imports and exports of travel services continued to decline. As countries continue to take strict measures to restrict the movement of people across borders, the impact of the epidemic on the import and export of travel services continues. From January to July, the import and export of travel services reached 429.98 billion yuan, down 32.7%, of which exports fell 41.6% and imports fell 31.6%. Excluding travel services, imports and exports of other services grew by 20.2% from January to July, with exports up by 28% and imports up by 12%. Compared with the same period in 2019, imports and exports of other services increased by 23 percent, including 33.5 percent in exports and 12.4 percent in imports. 

     今年1-7月,中国服务贸易保持良好增长态势。服务进出口总额28093.6亿元(人民币,下同),同比增长7.3%;其中服务出口13373.1亿元,增长23.2%;进口14720.6亿元,下降4%。服务出口增幅大于进口27.2个百分点,带动服务贸易逆差下降70%至1347.5亿元,同比减少3140.2亿元。与2019年同期相比,服务进出口下降9%,两年平均下降4.6%,其中出口增长21.5%,两年平均增长10.2%;进口下降25.9%,两年平均下降13.9%。主要呈现以下特点:7月当月服务进出口平稳增长。7月份,服务进出口总额4319.2亿元,同比增长10.1%,环比下降1.7%;其中出口2088.2亿元,同比增长21.1%,环比下降3.6%,运输服务出口增幅高达107.5%;进口2231.1亿元,同比增长1.6%,环比增长0.2%。 知识密集型服务贸易占比提高。1-7月,知识密集型服务进出口12868.2亿元,增长11.8%,占服务进出口总额的比重达到45.8%,提升1.8个百分点。其中,知识密集型服务出口7044.7亿元,增长15.4%,占服务出口总额的52.7%;出口增长较快的领域是个人文化和娱乐服务、知识产权使用费、电信计算机和信息服务,分别增长28.3%、23.9%、20.8%。知识密集型服务进口5823.5亿元,增长7.6%,占服务进口总额的39.6%;进口增长较快的领域是金融服务和知识产权使用费,分别增长18.9%和14.3%。旅行服务进出口继续下降。当前各国继续采取严格措施限制人员跨境流动,疫情对旅行服务进出口的影响仍在持续。1-7月,旅行服务进出口4299.8亿元,下降32.7%,其中出口下降41.6%,进口下降31.6%。剔除旅行服务,1-7月其他服务进出口增长20.2%,其中出口增长28%,进口增长12%;与2019年同期相比,其他服务进出口增长23%,其中出口增长33.5%,进口增长12.4%。